MIC3 Report

Inventive Ideas for Micro/Nano-Satellite The MIC3 Report, Published 2015, 158 pages. Hardcover. This volume represents final papers from the third Mission Idea Contest for Micro/Nano Satellite Utilization (MIC3). The primary goal of MIC is to inspire new and innovative approaches to space exploration and exploitation. Prior to the 3rd contest, the Pre-workshop for the 3rd Mission Idea Contest was held in Tokyo, Japan in November 23, 2013 as a match-making event for potential satellite users and developers.
Price: €80.00

Psychology & Culture

Psychology and Culture during Long-Duration Space Missions, Published 2009, 55 pages. The objective of this report is twofold: a) to describe the current knowledge of cultural, psychological, psychiatric, cognitive, and interpersonal issues that are relevant to the behavior and performance of astronaut crews and ground support personnel; and b) to make recommendations for future human space missions, including both transit and planetary surface operations on the Moon, Mars, and beyond.
Price: €10.00

Medical Safety & Liability

Medical Safety and Liability Issues for Short-Duration Commercial Orbital Space Flights, Published 2009, 32 pages. The objective of this report is to identify and prioritize medical screening considerations in order to preserve the health and promote the safety of paying passengers who intend to participate in short-duration flights (up to 4 weeks) onboard commercial orbital space vehicles. This report is intended to provide general medical guidance to the operators of orbital manned commercial space vehicles for the medical assessment of prospective passengers.
Price: €10.00

Asteroids and Comets

Dealing with the Threat to Earth from Asteroids and Comets, Published 2009, 140 pages. Hardcover. The Earth has been struck by asteroids and comets (Near-Earth Objects, NEOs) many times throughout its history. This report of the International Academy of Astronautics addresses the nature of the threat, expected future impacts, and the consequences of impacts from various size NEOs. It reviews current programs to detect, track, and characterize NEOs, and the future improvements required in order to take responsible and timely action.
Price: €10.00

Artificial Gravity

Artificial Gravity Research to enable Human Space Exploration, Published 2009, 37 pages. The scope of the report covered the key biomedical research questions that need to be answered to make artificial gravity a practical countermeasure and the facilities and flight opportunities required to answer key questions to accomplish the necessary research. Human and animal experiments, on Earth and in space, were considered for both short-radius intermittent centrifugation and long-radius continuous rotation paradigms. 10€ for a pdf format version. €10.00 (electronic version).
Price: €10.00

Human Spaceflight

Future Human Spaceflight: the Need for International Cooperation, Published 2010, 62 pages. This report, written by an international team, is an end-to-end assessment of the Human Spaceflight issues starting from the basic exploration questions, and ending with possible international cooperation implementation schemes. This Study provides concrete proposals on how to move beyond the International Space Station program and to make Human Spaceflight part of a broader international agenda.
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Disaster Management

Space-Based Disaster Management: the Need for International Cooperation, Published 2010, 79 pages. The report briefly describes the significant role played by space technology vis-à-vis major natural disasters, overall shortcomings in the presently available space observations and in early warning/forecasting methods. Further it gives an account of various international initiatives which are providing space-based information and services for monitoring and mitigating different natural disasters.
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Robotic Exploration

Future Planetary Robotic Exploration: the Need for International Cooperation, Published 2010, 44 pages. The report reviews the scientific quest to increase our knowledge of the origin and evolution of the solar system, and to search for signs of life within it. It gives a summary of planned robotic exploration activities, as well as challenges and needed R&D solutions.
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Climate Change

Space‐Applications in Climate Change and Green Systems: The Need for International Cooperation, Published 2010, 66 pages. The report was presented at the historic Summit of 30 Heads of Space Agencies on November 17, 2010 in Washington DC, US. Over the past half‐century, space systems have made crucial contributions to the understanding of climate change. The future activities make significant contributions to monitoring both the causes and the consequences of Climate Change, as well as to mitigating its effects.
Price: €10.00

Life Sciences

Space Life Sciences for Africa, International Cooperation for Space Life Sciences Knowledge Sharing and Development in Africa, published in 2014, 49 pages. This cosmic study aims to develop the IAA’s strategy for space life sciences knowledge development and sharing for emerging space-faring African nations in general and for Nigeria’s National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) in particular. The study’s review of space activities in Africa reveals that two African countries—Nigeria and South Africa—have fully developed space agencies and programs.
Price: €35.00


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