IAA Cosmic Studies

Global Perspectives on Regional Cooperation in Space: Policies, Governance & Legal Tools

Global Perspectives on Regional Cooperation in Space: Policies, Governance & Legal Tools, published in March 2017, 269 pages. This IAA Cosmic Study focuses on four geographic regions: the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific. The majority of the contributions emphasizes the present status of regional cooperation, and makes recommendations for enhanced collaboration as well as areas for future study and collaboration. 80€ shipping included.
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Global Human Mars System Missions Exploration – Goals, Requirements and Technologies

Global Human Mars System Missions Exploration – Goals, Requirements and Technologies. Published August 2016, 152 pages, soft cover.The idea that humans could reach Mars is quite old and was advocated by many pioneers of spaceflight.
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Life Sciences

Space Life Sciences for Africa, International Cooperation for Space Life Sciences Knowledge Sharing and Development in Africa, published in 2014, 49 pages. This cosmic study aims to develop the IAA’s strategy for space life sciences knowledge development and sharing for emerging space-faring African nations in general and for Nigeria’s National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) in particular. The study’s review of space activities in Africa reveals that two African countries—Nigeria and South Africa—have fully developed space agencies and programs.
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Access to Space

Private Human Access to Space Volume 1: Suborbital Flights, Published 2014, 98 pages. In this cosmic study booklet we have provided an overview of the different issues and challenges associated with private suborbital spaceflight. An historical perspective was provided to set the stage for addressing the technical challenges still to be overcome. The various elements required for the business of space tourism, including spaceports, vehicle design, to include interior considerations, were addressed.
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Bed Rest Studies

Guidelines for Standardization of Bed Rest Studies in the Spaceflight Context, Published 2014, 70 pages. Bed rest studies, in which healthy volunteers are confined to bed in a 6° head-down tilt position, are a well-established model for some of the adaptations experienced by astronauts during spaceflight. They are therefore a very valuable tool both for investigating possible mechanisms and for testing measures to counter these adaptations.
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Space Elevators

Space Elevators: an Assessment of the Technological Feasibility and the Way Forward, Published in 2013, 349 pages. This book addresses the simple and complex issues that have been identified through the development of space elevator concepts over the last decade. The report begins with a summary of those ideas in Edwards' and Westling's book The Space Elevator (2003). Out of these beginnings has risen a worldwide cadre focused upon their areas of expertise as applied to space elevator development and operational infrastructure.
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Promote Peace

Space to Promote Peace (with focus on reconstruction of Afghanistan), Published September 2004, Paris, France, 119 pages, Can Space technology promote peace and development in the world? Can Space technology contribute to meet efficiently such a challenge and aid the Afghan and the international efforts of reconstruction in Afghanistan? Can Space- based tools make a difference? These are questions that nations having space-capabilities have to answer and make a combined effort to pitch in support of promoting peace and bring in an improvement in the quality of life of these people.
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Space Activities

The Impact of Space Activities upon Society, Published February 2005, Paris, France, 70 pages. As the 21st century gets further underway, the impact of space activities upon the welfare of humanity will only increase. We can imagine that during the 21st century the human expansion and insight into the cosmos will produce some of the more significant events of this new century. In addition to the enormous knowledge that space exploration has already delivered, space technologies have become integrated into everyday life so deeply that modern society could not function without them.
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Space Architecture

The Role of Space Architecture, Published in 2013, 32 pages. The purpose of this study was to identify professional disciplines as tools that should collaborate and interact with each other in order to achieve comprehensive and balanced design solutions that would satisfy human needs during space flight and might be applied to diverse space missions.
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Space Expectations

Space Expectations: Shaping the Next Fifty Years, Published in 2013, 23 pages. The purposes of the International Academy of Astronautics are to foster the development of astronautics for peaceful purposes, to recognize individuals who have distinguished themselves in a branch of science or technology related to astronautics, to provide a program through which the membership can contribute to international endeavors and partnerships in the advancement of aerospace science, while in cooperation with national science or engineering academies.
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