IAA Cosmic Studies

Human Spaceflight

Future Human Spaceflight: the Need for International Cooperation, Published 2010, 62 pages. This report, written by an international team, is an end-to-end assessment of the Human Spaceflight issues starting from the basic exploration questions, and ending with possible international cooperation implementation schemes. This Study provides concrete proposals on how to move beyond the International Space Station program and to make Human Spaceflight part of a broader international agenda.
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Disaster Management

Space-Based Disaster Management: the Need for International Cooperation, Published 2010, 79 pages. The report briefly describes the significant role played by space technology vis-à-vis major natural disasters, overall shortcomings in the presently available space observations and in early warning/forecasting methods. Further it gives an account of various international initiatives which are providing space-based information and services for monitoring and mitigating different natural disasters.
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Robotic Exploration

Future Planetary Robotic Exploration: the Need for International Cooperation, Published 2010, 44 pages. The report reviews the scientific quest to increase our knowledge of the origin and evolution of the solar system, and to search for signs of life within it. It gives a summary of planned robotic exploration activities, as well as challenges and needed R&D solutions.
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Protecting the Environment of Celestial Bodies: the Need for Policy and Guidelines, Published in 2011, 81 pages. This IAA Study on Protecting the Environment of Celestial Bodies (PECB) aims to provide an overview of existing methods of planetary protection and their feasibility from the perspective of biological, chemical, legal, economic and other viewpoints.
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Climate Change

Space‐Applications in Climate Change and Green Systems: The Need for International Cooperation, Published 2010, 66 pages. The report was presented at the historic Summit of 30 Heads of Space Agencies on November 17, 2010 in Washington DC, US. Over the past half‐century, space systems have made crucial contributions to the understanding of climate change. The future activities make significant contributions to monitoring both the causes and the consequences of Climate Change, as well as to mitigating its effects.
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Space Solar Power

Space Solar Power, the First International Assessment of Space Solar Power: Opportunities, Issues and Potential Pathways Forward, Published 2011, 248 pages. Hardcover. Now, more than ever, large‐scale and sustainable new energy sources are needed to meet global needs while satisfying environmental concerns. This document addresses the technical feasibility of the concept, prospective markets and expected policy issues.
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