50 Years

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Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence. Since 1960, the IAA has gathered the best historians and space experts making this organization by far the most important international institution to capture memoirs and generate thousands of peer reviewed history papers. This commemorative book is an exceptional occasion to review space achievements during the past fifty years and to invite prestigious space experts and decision-makers that have made or that are currently making space policy and shaping space programs, to select key achievements eventually ignored or forgotten, failures, success to the attention of the readers and the future generations. About 60 Academicians have accepted to deliver such messages that are inserted in a global and multidisciplinary story of 50 years of space. After fifty year of excellence, the Academy is transforming itself in order to be an important part of this revolution while retaining its unique role of promoting the development of space activities for the benefit of all. Printed November 2010, 135 pages. Hardcover. €80.00 shipping included.