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Space for Security and Prosperity of the Peoples, Published 2010, 440 pages. Hardcover. Security of Mankind can not be enhanced without comprehensive review of the whole part of factors and threats as well as the use of the most up to date technologies and interdisciplinary approaches to this very complex problem. IAA International Symposium “Space & Global Security of Humanity” held in Limassol, Cyprus, November 2-4, 2009, has examined the problem area of global security of humanity and the way to solve problems of creation of international aerospace system for monitoring of global natural and technogenic phenomena (IGMAS), insuring the sustainability and harmony of mankind’s development. This book also gives detailed information on Earth’s Socio-Natural Balance Conservancy, Space systems and advanced space-time data technologies – Neogeography, Aerospace technologies and global security (Earth remote sensing, geoinformational technologies in industry, ecology and other spheres), Common Educational and Scientific Space. International Distance Learning System. 80 Euros, shipping included.